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Difference Between UI and UX

At the most basic level the user interface refers to a series of screens, pages as well as visual elements such as icons and buttons which enables an individual interact with a product. User experience is the internal experience that an individual encounters while interacting with a product.

It is very common to use these items interchangeably however there exist a great difference between the terms. Simply put, user interface is anything a user interacts with either a digital product or service. This includes everything ranging from touch screens, keyboards, sounds, screens and even lights.


The history of graphic user interface dates back to the 1970s. if you wanted to use a computer back in the days then you had to use the command line. This is because the graphical user interface that exists today did not exist back then. In order for computers to work then one had to communicate through programming languages which required seemingly infinite lines of codes to complete a task.

The first graphical user interface was developed by computer scientists at Xerox and was a ground breaking innovation as it allowed users to interact with their personal computers by visually submitting commands through buttons, icons, menus and checkboxes. The shift in technology meant that everyone could use the computer since coding was required and the revolution of personal computer began.

By 1984 Macintosh produced the first personal computer that included a point and a click mouse. Macintosh was the first successful home computer to use the interface. The accessibility and perseverance of personal computers simply means that interfaces need to be designed with the users in mind. In case the users could not interact with their computers then it would not sell.

Modern day user interfaces have limitless opportunities and possibilities to work on websites, mobile apps, wearable technology as well as smartphone devices. As along as computers continue to be part of people’s lives then there will always be the need to have interfaces that engage the users of all ages, technical experience and background.

What is UX

User experience UX changed as a result of the changes in user interface. Once there was something for the users to interact with then the experience of the users changed whether positive, negative or neutral. User experience encompasses all aspects of the end user interaction. The broad definition is that it has the ability to encompass every possible interaction that an individual could have. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a digital experience. Some of the user experience professionals have gone as far as calling for the filed customer experience and others have gone as far as referring to the field as experience design.

Regardless of the definition the original definition of user experience revolves around the core of every experience design. User experience designers are usually responsible for ensuring that the company delivers goods and services that are able to meet needs of the customers and this allows them to seemingly achieve their desired outcome.

User experience designers tend to work closely with user interface designers in order to make researchers, marketers and products understand the users through research and experimentation. They use the insights gained to continually iterate and improve the user experiences based on quantitative and qualitative research.

Difference between UI and UX

At the most basic level, UI is made up of all the elements that enable an individual to interact with their product or services. User experience is what makes an individual interact with the product or service as it takes away their entire experience. It is very important to distinguish between user interface and user experience even though the user interface forms an extremely important part of the design. Take for example Google. Its simple look simply highlights how a great user experience doesn’t require bells and whistles. Google has focused on the needs of the user and most of their users desire only one thing and that is information. The fact that google is widely accepted shows how well the company delivers on that experience.

Different people have different perspective in relation to user experience and user interaction. Consequently, user experience designers are increasingly finding that employers require them to use not only user experience expertise but also user interface design skills.… Read the rest

Web Design Trends We’re Watching


Those people who own a website always wish that more and more people visit and use their website. What catches the attention of the visitors in a website? The users are most attracted by the designing and the appearance of the website. The interface of a website plays an important role here. If a website has a good appearance, then people will take a glance at it even if they do not want to. On the other hand, they won’t spare their even one minute on the website if it has a bad appearance.

Moreover, the designers should go with the flow. The designing methods are changing day by day so do their trends. The designer should update its website according to the ongoing trend. This activity will keep your visitors to your website only. If a website will provide more and better features than your website, then why will people stick to your website? That’s why the designers should adapt to changes.


Here are some of the top web design trends of the present time. Designers can update their websites with these trends. They are listed below:

  • Digital illustrations

Digital illustrations are known as the best method for making a website attractive. Giving relevant illustrations makes your website different from the rest of the websites. The digital illustrations connect the visitors to the website. A product designer can utilize digital illustrations in many places. For example, feature descriptions, in the navigation bar as a subtle icon, hero sections, etc. Generally, there are two types of digital illustrations. They are listed below:

  1. Hand-drawn flat illustrations: Flat hand-drawn illustrations are handmade illustrations. These illustrations show impressions of the craftsmanship. These illustrations reflect the personal style of the worker through their work. Many companies use hand-drawn flat illustrations. For example, Slack, Dropbox, Intercom, etc.
  2. Three-dimensional illustrations: Three-dimensional illustrations are quite trendier than the hand-drawn flat illustrations. These illustrations are used on the website for adding more reality and removing the lines between the physical and digital worlds.
  • Vibrant colors

The color selection for a website is very important. Colors contribute a lot to the appearance of a website. It has been said that designers should use vibrant colors for the background of a website. The colors should be used in such a way that the website catches the attention of the eyes of the visitor. If you use light colors on the dark colors, then it won’t be visible to the visitors which will distract them. Along with this, color combinations are also very important. The designer should check which color goes best with which color.

  • Hero video headers

Hero video headers are trendier as compared to the static images. At present, the designers believe in showing their main ideas to the visitor instead of telling them. At the earlier time, they did so with the help of static images. But at present, designers can deliver their main ideas with the help of dynamic visuals. From this, visitors easily understand what the website is trying to say. Because of the high-speed internet connections, dynamic visualization is easier. This also helps in holding a visitor on the website for a longer time. The user will be busy watching the video clips and in this way, the visitor will spend more time on the website. This can improve site metrics which have an effect on search engine ranking. Therefore, you will see this trend commonly with sites that rely heavily on video content such as adult sites. Adult dating sites like doublelist competing to become a backpage alternative or replace craigslist personals may employ hero video headers to gain that boost in attention and edge them past competition in the search engines.

  • Split screen

Splitting the screen is a simple web design method in which the screen is divided into two parts. The screen is usually divided in the ratio of 50-50. This method is effective when we want to deliver two distinct messages on two different sides of the website. This method works well on mobile phones. Generally, the screen is split vertically into two parts. For example, this technique can be best used in online shopping websites where we have to display two different sections of men and women.

  • Geometric patterns

At present, the designers are using geometric images as well as geometric patterns on their website. They use such patterns and images for the background of the website. Designers use high-resolution PNG images as well as SVG images for the background. These images look cool on the big as well as on smaller displays. We don’t need to worry about it.

  • Gradients and Duotones

Gradients also are in the trend of web designing. Designers are using gradients on their websites for giving their work a deeper look. At present, the designers are using big, colorful and bold gradients for giving an attractive look to the website as seen here. Designers can show their creativity freely with the help of gradients. They can experiment with as many colors as they want. This is done with the help of linear-gradient, radial-gradient, etc.

  • Bold typography

The first thing which comes to the mind of a designer is the content of the website. The content of the website delivers your message to the visitor in the most effective way. That’s why bold typography is used. The bold typography highlights the message or the content which makes it attractive. … Read the rest