UI Design Trends

UI stands for the user interface. The user interfaces are as trendy as fashion in this generation. The user interfaces are not just about the aesthetic looks but also the functionality and usability. There are many UI trends available in the market and a brilliant selection of these existing trends makes a user happy and further evolves your product success.

Fullscreen Smartphones

For the majority of the phone, the sharp edges are replaced by the smooth and rounded ones. The interface of the phones changes a lot by doing this and the designers face many challenges because they cannot use the sharp-edged user interfaces while making the coding or the interfaces that are compatible with the smartphones you are using. To increase the screen space, the buttons are being removed be it Android or be it iPhone the User experience is given the most importance and the space for display content is more. In a few phones, the navigation is also done by certain gestures which can be made by the users. The main concern here is to make the users learn the different styles of navigation by the gestures made by them. The dark mode is another feature that is inbuilt in the latest operating systems of the smartphones and the majority of the phone users are well versed with this.

Unique Animation & Illustration

For any user to work on the interface it should be functionally very easy to operate and the illustrations used regarding this should be aesthetically pleasing. This is only possible if the animations and the illustrations used on the interfaces are dynamic, creative, and aesthetically inviting. User experience on the user interface is very important as it will either develop the website or disrupt the website. The success of any app or website is dependent upon the user and if the website or the app is very friendly to the user then obviously the user will recommend it to their friends and many more people. The more dynamic the user interface the better the user experience is. We have many amazing and powerful devices in this generation and so user interfaces which are three dimensional like text, logos, web pages, and different illustrations should be very interactive. After every change on the user interface, it should be properly tested and then if an event is organized on the website; after such events, it is better to take feedback from the user regarding the experience so that according to the review of the user we may build a better user interface.


A digital experience of storytelling is always in the trend for the user interface. The content on the website should be really attractive and should be able to tell a story around itself so that it catches the attention of the users.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a concept that blends the digital and physical world through the software on your smartphone. Apple and Google have already introduced augmented reality development platforms. They have different approaches like creating a tethered interaction between the real-world objects and the virtual. It gives an amazing way to fix the screen space and to use virtual reality in the way you want to. For example, if you want to design your entire house then you need to learn a few tools which will be helpful to deal with Augmented reality when you are working on designing your house.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has always evolved in the path of progress. The practical application of virtual reality headset is mostly used for the Gamers and it is also used in healthcare for treating phobias and it also can be used in the field of education to provide a very good interaction in the classrooms.

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the apps and the websites that we use in today’s generation have something related to artificial intelligence. Be it your favorite music app or be it Facebook or any product that you want to purchase the computer stores all information of what pages you like, what songs you dislike, what product you like, and what website you search more and then it will collect all these data and give you only the data which is confined to your likes. This will save a lot of time but AI is always forecasted to be dangerous to mankind and artificial intelligence might replace the designers and most of the humans so that there are no jobs left for any human.… Read the rest